New CD releases

Here’s a weekend post featuring several new CD releases.

My Rememberance Of You – Diana Jones

Offering her listeners a rare gift of original songs with uncommon depth and beauty infused with time-honored values of traditional American Music, Diana Jones has been called the new Emily Dickinson.

Like Dickinson, Diana’s work is informed by the themes that have run through her life-love, loss, and redemption. Much of her music takes you on a journey back to her roots in the hills of Eastern Tennessee, though it’s certainly not a direct route. Adopted as an infant and reared in New York, Diana was eventually reunited with her birth family and the music that had always moved her.

oriskany strings

The Train Don’t Run Here Anymore – Oriskany Strings with James Christian

This nostalgic collection contains 16 songs, 13 of which were written by James Christian. “Junior is best-known for being the lead singer and guitar/banjo player with the Craig County Boys for over 30 years, but not that many people know that he is also an excellent songwriter,” said Carol Lewis of the Oriskany Strings. The songs written by Christian are emotional and reveal a man of faith with a big heart and a deep love of nature. Many of them express a longing for simpler days and rural life and have themes that will resonate with residents of this area of Virginia.

take me back to the mountains

Take Me Back To The Mountains – Windy Creek Bluegrass Band

There are 15 selections on the recording. We also have a special guest on our recording, Ray Legere of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Ray plays fiddle on 14 selections on this recording. Hes a Superb Fiddler player,mandolin player, guitar player and almost any instrument, he puts his hands on. Hes also played with almost everybody in Bluegrass Music. All the guys in this band are from the Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, area.