New Book Connects with Old Bluegrass Ballad

This is bluegrass history brought to life! The long-awaited release of a new book, THE MEANING OF OUR TEARS tells the details and hidden secrets behind the story of the famous old ballad.  The old ballad, The Murder of the Lawson Family, first recorded in 1930 by The Carolina Buddies was later re-recorded by such greats as Doc and Merle Watson and many others.

The new book, The Meaning of Our Tears chronicles the Lawson story in a beautiful hard cover collectors LIMITED edition with 376 pages and also includes approximately 100 period photographs of the family, the murder scene and the characters surrounding the story.  It also tells the details of the ballad’s writer, Walter “Kid” Smith and the group, The Carolina Buddies.

This new book is the revision of the highly collected classic, WHITE CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS and includes NEW information born of an amazing interview with the best friend of the murdered daughter and what she told her two weeks before the murders.  And there is also the incredible new information about a nine-year-old boy who witnessed these murders.  He was actually inside the house that day and only told his story in the last years of his life. 

If you have enjoyed this old ballad and always wondered about what the REAL story behind it was, THE MEANING OF OUR TEARS is your ticket!  Copies (Signed by the Author) can be purchased by visiting the book’s official website,