Mountain Heart video from IBMA

New look for Mountain Heart

Watch the video from Mountain Heart we shot during their special Tuesday night showcase at IBMA. It offers a glimpse of the variety of music they deliver, from traditional bluegrass to a rockin’, hybrid sound. The presentation was powerful, and whether you agree with taking bluegrass in this direction, the impact of the performance was impressive – and unforgettable.

Watch the video here.

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  • So many of our most memorable bands were rule-breakers – Monroe, F&S, Country Gentlemen, Osborne Brothers, JD Crowe, Seldom Scene, New Grass Revival among them. I’m on the side of Mountain Heart playing what they feel and what their vision leads them to play. It’ll succeed or it won’t. It’ll find an audience or it won’t. People will like it or they won’t. But they can’t succeed unless they’re true to themselves about the music they want to make.

  • scobie

    I thought Mountain Hearts 10th anniversary showcase and their Friday night show were amazing. I also knew that it would piss people off. The comments in the elevator I heard were expected. But then the reaction of the crowd to Mark O’conners beauteful performance on Sat night also pissed them off. And of course Cadilac Skys performance threw napalm on their Bluegrass Bridges. So these bands will go the leave the tradionalist behind and make real money doing the rock/jamband festival circuit where they can actually make a living, and get a little appreciation for their art.