Lots of the Bluegrass in East Hartford, CT — Sunday, October 8th

If you’re going to be in southern New England this weekend, your presence is requested at a big event called BIG SUNDAY BLUEGRASS. There, you’ll get to hear 3 terrific bands: Wildfire, Pine Mountain Railroad, and the Windy Creek Bluegrass Band. This event will be held at the East Hartford Community Cultural Center, 50 Chapman Place, East Hartford, CT, and will begin at 1PM. Show sponsors include the Podunk Bluegrass Music Committee, the Rhode Island Bluegrass Music Association, and the Bluegrass Cafe (which airs every Sunday from 4-7PM on 91.7 WHUS, Storrs, CT, and in 2007, will celebrate 25 years of Bluegrass programming at WHUS).

For more information on Sunday’s show, check out our Bluegrass Cafe blog entry, or email ribgma@yahoo.com.

Hope to see you there!

Amy Orlomoski
for the Bluegrass Cafe
WHUS Radio
Storrs, CT
Listen online: www.whus.org
Visit our blog: www.bgcafe.blogspot.com