Introducing Murphy Henry

Murphy HenryMusician, teacher, author, small business owner, performer, and passionate fan, Murphy Henry is what this business is all about. Murphy grew up, as many of us did, singing in church and taking piano lessons. During the folk music craze she learned to play guitar. She later switched to bass and landed her first band gig. But after only a few shows she heard the banjo calling her name. She has been teaching banjo, guitar, mandolin, and ukulele since the mid seventies, and has grown her teaching career into a business that produces instructional videos and DVDs that not only teach you tunes, but also train your ears to hear music. The Murphy Method is the title of her teaching style and it’s also the name of her business. Murphy is one of the most recognized names in bluegrass instruction, but I know from talking to her that she is an avid student of the music as well. She practices what she teaches, namely, listening. This passion for the details of the texture and fabric of the music is what makes her such a great teacher, and a great writer. We are proud to welcome Murphy to the ranks of our Guest Contributors.

For a more detailed bio, as well as information about her instructional products, please visit Murphy online at