Introducing: Fiddlefreak Music Blog

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Stuart Mason. I play and sing traditional and original songs and tunes on guitar and mandola. I design and build web sites, paint watercolors and draw with pen and ink, and I go fishing whenever I can. I live in Los Osos, a small unincorporated beach town in California, about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Recently I launched a music blog called Fiddlefreak, a web site dedicated to exposing good folk music. Fortunately “folk” can be a very broad and forgiving moniker, if like me you’re a lumper, not a splitter. I enjoy all good music if it’s not too noisy (loud hair bands) or too full of itself (American Idol). I define folk music as the music of the people, from Bill Monroe to Gillan Welch, Django Reinhardt to Jack Johnson, and Michael Coleman to Nickel Creek. If it’s got heart and soul, it’s good.

Disclaimer: I’m a working musician, I’m a member of Molly’s Revenge, a Celtic band based in Santa Cruz, CA, and the Seamus Conroy Band, based in San Luis Obispo. I have released a solo record as well, Stuart Mason Appalachian Bride.

To keep up with the best in acoustic folk, bluegrass, and other music of the people, visit Enjoy!