Instrumentalists Needed? Where is Mud River Lee?

Hello Band & Friends in The Greater Milwaukee Area in Wisconsin,

Please do come to the show this Thursday at Conway’s on 22nd and Wells (arrive at 7-:15- 7:30 if you want to help out Mud River Lee & The Bluegrass Orchestra- we are missing a mandolin player, as well as Lee himself, and could use additional stringed players)–we do have Cap Lee sitting in for Mud River Lee!  Lee has taken temporarily ill, but we will proceed with Cap Lee on his Martin guitar, John Losiniecki on Fiddle, Wilson Brown on Bassfiddle, Mike Greylak on Banjo, George Bauer on Harmonica and Myself on Rythyms—and hopefully there will be a dulcimer (hint hint) or a dobro player/lap/pedal steel (hint hint) steppin on by… Cap Lee usually plays in Dangerous Folk with David Drake and Julie Thompson….and has volunteered to be in place of Lee that night.

As you may or may not know- every show will be caught on video taped, edited and played on MATA Cable- you get a couple of drink tickets for performing, and the show last from 8pm until 11pm-ish. If you play with Mud River Lee Bluegrass Orchestra, you go on from 8:30- 9:30… Unless our Opener Jude Kinnear cannot make it- then we go on from 8-9pm…and if Boney Fingers cancels—well we will have a wild ol Hootenanny—

Last week we had Desmond Bone steppin by, Andrew Apricot on Accordion as well, Doc on Harmonica- a great player, and Andrew Gollup brought his clan down for a three piece who played for his ALL ORIGINAL set- which was melodic and enjoyable, as well as DC transplant Brett whose last name I cannot recall but played a wicked clawhammer– and he too was very good and had a song called Flava Flav- about a super hero that was enjoyed by all–so thank you for that friends! Also, I thank you for your attention and consideration. Please read below Thanks! Barbara

Oooo! Thanks also go to Deb and Gary of Conway’s Smokin Bar and Grill who have allowed this to go on in their venue! (we use their equiptment, stage and greenscreen) They provide .35cent wings, Marquette students to watch us, and a bar full of reasonable drinks- And NO, it is not smokey in there even!

We have featured thus far since the Jamboree began- Al Williams& Robert Michael Meyer (One Lane Bridge), Christine Swanson & Jim Shaefer (Christine Swanson Band), Carroll Brown (Round Barn Jamboree), Andrew Gollup (Andrew Gollup Band), Al from Sawdust Symphony, Dan Mullen aka Miles (Plasticland/MacTavish to name a few), Desmond Bone (Edgar Alan Cash), Andrew Apricot (Riverwest Accordion Club and Mule Bender), Doc (Fantasmic Harmonica Player with a very cool set-up and German style Hohners), and Newbie Brett from Washington DC…I am sorry if I have missed anybody! Please let me know if you I do not have the detail correct- Thanks again…

Hello!Boney Fingers is this Thursday’s big act that night along with soloist Jude Kinnear (of Fred and Ethel).

Boney Fingers have had a 30 year or so (multi generational family) music career and Dennis (the son) is the leader now…but they are a Grateful Dead tribute act–and you will swear that Dennis is Jerry Garcia—they are superb, it is their practice night so they are coming to Conways instead/ and are coming in tradition of the jamb- unplugged or acoustic… should be a really great show.

Lee will be absent from The Mud River Lee lineup, as he already is not feeling well, and seems to be coming down with something, so as you know, the show must go on, so I am taking a head count of our own instrumentalists and am prepared to forge ahead. As it stands, Cap Lee, a great guitar player -banjo/bass and all around great guy, will be the featured rythym guitarist…Hey!… and we do not have to do a namechange!

Thanks you for your help!

The Show Must Go On!


Thank You on Behalf of Mud River Lee & The Bluegrass Orchestra and We Hope to See You at Our Next Show!

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