IBMA Awards Show video coverage lacking

With the upcoming IBMA Awards night just around the corner, I’m really frustrated over the lack of coverage that is available out there.  No evidence that the major Networks will be carrying it; understandable ignorance by the Country Music Radio and TV Network crowd, (given the rift that seems to continue between New Country and traditional Bluegrass).

Sure, XM Satelite Radio is carrying it, but if you have Sirius, and have a serious (pun intended) budget, you’re not gonna run out and get XM.

And even the IBMA site itself, (outside of the Blog) could have a webcast, but I see no evidence of that yet.

So maybe I’m all wet, and have not heard of some particular avenue for seeing or hearing the show.  I know that a number of radio stations are supposed to be carrying it, but I live in Connecticut, and we are a ways from the “heart” of the Bluegrass stations that will carry it.

So maybe next year, eh?!  Maybe someone will figure out that the IBMA needs more national exposure, and will make it happen for those of us who live and breath Bluegrass in places other than the hills of Kentucky or Tennessee.

Good luck to all the folks who are nominated for awards this year, and selfishly, I wish that Sam Bush, Tony Rice, David Grisman and Alison Kraus could win them all, (nominated or not).


“With all those curves, there MUST be strings attached” (Mandolins)