Grasstowne Debut Project: Studio Work Wrapping Up

Grasstowne is getting close to finishing up their debut CD in Nashville, TN.  Pinecastle Records has done an amazing job getting these guys in the studio quickly so that the fans can hear this new group sooner than later!  The release date for the project will be sometime in June.  Meanwhile, their 2007 Tour schedule is growing by the day!  The complete schedule is posted at Grasstowne City Limits:

Recording began January 15th in Nashville and is being produced by Grasstowne and Scott Vestal. Vestal co-produced with Phil Leadbetter on Phil’s award winning project “Slide Effects.”  Some of the greatest songwriters in the business have contributed to the project including Steve Gulley and Tim Stafford.  Alan Bibey penned an instrumental for the project that will be titled “Grasstowne City Limits.”  One of Steve’s most popular and most requested songs will be included also.

Steve posted the following on February 7th in his Forum at

“…we are recording it and including it on our new Grasstowne CD. With the previous version having been out of print for so long and “Patching It Up” being my most requested song, we felt the need to make it and the message available for the many folks who have asked for it. Also, we plan to make it available as a single with an accompaniment soundtrack for church performances. We’re working on finishing up the new project as we speak. I’m in the studio right now with the guys while writing this. Thanks so much for asking about a song that was truly sent from the Lord. It has helped me witness for him for many years and hopefully now it will bless people for years to come.”

“Patching It Up” was on the debut Mountain Heart project which is out of print.

Grasstowne is keeping everybody updated on the progress in the Towne Forum at

Today, Alan Bibey made this entry concerning this past week…

“Stuart Duncan and Tim Crouch came in and played fiddles and did a KILLER job as usual! They really added a lot to the sound. We even got triple fiddles on one song that Steve wrote. I know Big Mon always loved the sound of fiddles and he told me once that “the only thing better than 2 fiddles was 3 of them!!” I have to agree. Goodness gracious!

We also had Dale Ann Bradley come in and she sang like an angel! What a voice and the nicest lady too! We’ll have something for everybody to hear soon!” 

Again, you can keep track of their progress and get tons more info at