Fun Festival Flyer

Chilli Fest flyer 2010We don’t typically post about festivals and concerts due to the localized nature of the events. Sometimes though, an event will be special in some way: a large destination festival such as the IBMA World of Bluegrass, an unusual and rare paring of artists, or in this case a fun festival flyer.

We picked this story up from the European Bluegrass Blog, and just couldn’t resist reposting it.

The 12th annual Coors Light Open House Festival takes place next month in Belfast, Ireland. The festival includes many bands from various genre’s but a small sub-festival is taking place as part of the larger celebration and it includes more specifically “American” music, and our choice for best festival flyer.

The It’s Hotter Than Hell Chilli Fest includes an American style chili cook off, hot pepper eating contest, ice cold beer, and some live music from Hayseed DixiePoky Lafarge & the South City Three, the Water Tower Bucket BoysMorgan O’Kane & Ferd 4, and Reverend Deadeye’s No Man Gospel Band. Not just a great festival flyer, great band names as well!

Head over to the European Bluegrass Blog to read all the details, and check out the Coors Light Open House Festival website as their graphics are admirable as well.