Friday photos from Wintergrass ’18

Del & Dawg at Wintergrass 2018 – photo © Tara Linhardt

Friday at Wintergrass brought more great music on the multiple stages, more workshops, more dances, more hallway and hotel room jams, and more yummy instruments, microphones, massages, and all sorts of what-have-you in the vendor areas. A truly fabulous festival, with many on hand happy to help Wintergrass celebrate their 25th anniversary year.

Wintergrass sponsors many great programs for kids of varying ages and skill levels. The Youth Academy had their big show on Friday. It was a treat to see so many kids do fantastic job pickin’, and singin’, and grinnin’ on the stage after all their hard work practicing for two days.

Here is a clip of the band from Sweden playing traditional tunes on nyckelharpe, viola, and guitar.

Here is a clip from the end of the fiddle workshop with Darol Anger, Jeremy Kittel, and Alex Hargreaves playing with the Monroe tune Old Dangerfield.