Free Music From The Lonesome River Band

The new Lonesome River Band is giving away some free music on their newly redesigned website. The site just went live this morning and features the latest band news, tour dates, biographical information for the new band members, and some free audio files. And these aren’t just audio snippets either. They are complete songs.

When LRB banjo veteran and band leader Sammy Shelor assembled the members of this most recent lineup, he recognized that the sound and feel of the group was reminiscent of the early Lonesome River Band, with the four piece, powerhouse rhythm and drive that brought the band to such acclaim in the 1990s.

Sammy decided that the best way to make this point was to take the new band right into the studio. Last month, they recorded a number of tracks that are now being given away free of charge on the website. There are two tracks available at this time with more to be added soon. The two tracks that are up right now feature the two newest members of the band Shannon Slaughter (guitar/vocals) and Berry Berrier (bass/vocals).

Go check it out and listen for yourself at