Flatt & Scruggs

Hey There All You Music Lovers;

My name is Cordillia. I am from a little town in British Columbia, Canada. I have been recently been working on a little project called “The Columbia River Legacy Series”. It involves alot of pictures from the late 1800’s & early 1900’s. Some of these pictures belong in museums being that there is a lot of history throughout. I have been working on it for 4 months now and I am finally getting to the final stages of drafting. The pictures anyways. Which brings me to the question of topic. Being that we are a non-profit organization any little bit of money going out can be an extreme hardship at times and this project alone has already been in the process for 2 years (not that I expect anyone to jump at this SAPPY story). Is there anyone out there, (that will read this) who knows if Flatt and Scruggs has some kind of a foundation that will let you us their music at no cost to me? My husband has been a fan of these two gentlemen for a long time, in fact he was the one that suggested to it to me (as Flatt & Scruggs music would go right along very well with the picture). Basically what I am looking for is instrumental banjo and fiddle work, so if anyone has any other suggestions for the music or know of any sites where I can get some background music please feel free to write me @ hippiesonafence@hotmail.com

Thanks to Everyone

For your time,