Every Good Path – Chigger Hill Boys & Terri

The Chigger Hill Boys & Terri have been presenting their own brand of bluegrass gospel music since 2001. Their ninth studio release, Every Good Pathis another display of the group’s originality. All thirteen songs on this project were either solely written or co-written by the group’s lead vocalist, Terri Argot Gore.

The opening track, My Path Was Paved By The Blood Of The Lamb, gets things off to a strong start with a powerful banjo kickoff from Jim Britton. Out of all the songs on this project, this one ties in the closest with the project’s theme of a path, and a road to follow God. Along with Terri on lead vocals and Jim Britton on banjo and harmony vocals, the group at the time of this recording also consisted of Ricky Gore on bass and djembe, Mike Richards on mandolin, and Ben Rochester on resophonic guitar and harmony vocals. Andy Leftwich also appears as a guest on this project playing fiddle and mandolin.

Back To The Book, cowritten by Gore and Greg Cole, has a message of finding our way back to God’s holy word whenever we go astray and find ourselves stumbling. 

Is God Gettin’ What He Paid For talks of Christ paying the ultimate price on Calvary in a unique way. With a really catchy melody and rhythmic groove, this song contains excellent lead guitar work from Ben Rochester and wonderful backing vocals from Becky Matthews.

Nothing Quite As Amazing As Grace was co-written by founding group members Mike Johnson and Terri Gore, along with Anthony Cooper. With a smooth gentle melody, this song delivers a strong profound message about the grace that the Lord can offer to us.

I Know The One Who Knows, by Gore and Greg Cole, is another song with a gripping melody. This is most complemented by the lead guitar work of guest musician, Travis Alltop. Resting in His Nail Pierced Hands, also by Gore and Cole, speaks of the safety and security we can have within a relationship with Christ.

A Little Farther is a catchy tune with a message of striving and going to the next level in one’s walk with the Lord. As with several other tracks on this recording, this song was co-written by Terri Gore and Greg Cole. All of their co-writes here are terrific songs. One can only hope this formula will continue on future recordings.

Every Good Path is a fine representation of the Chigger Hill Boys & Terri. While the group is presenting the message and commonly told stories of Jesus Christ, they’re doing so in a new and captivating way. It’s one that every bluegrass and southern gospel fan will enjoy.

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