Email this post to friend

We just recently noticed that the Email link in the post footer had stopped working after our recent upgrade. It’s fixed now. Not just fixed, improved!

Look in the footer navigation bar for any post and you’ll see a link enabling you to email the post to a friend, or yourself for future reference.

I lowered the interval length between emails from 5 minutes to 2 minutes. That measure is in place to keep spammers from using it. We’ll see how it works at that setting.

You can send the post to more than one recipient at once, just enter multiple names and email addresses, separating each with a comma. I tested it and it works very nicely.

The amount of text from the post that gets included in the email has been increased as well. The recipient will still have to click over to read the whole post and see any included photos though.

Have fun bloggrassers!