Donna Ulisse to participate in 2007 IBMA Songwriter Workshop

Singer songwriter Donna Ulisse has been invited to participate in the IBMA Songwriter Workshop with Donna Hughes, Gary Ferguson and Mike Ward. The workshop will be held on the Masters Workshop stage on Saturday October 6, at 3:30 p.m.

The audience will hear each writer sing a few of the songs they have written and share how the song was created or what inspired the piece. Ulisse is an ASCAP affiliated writer who is signed to a staff writer’s deal at Uncle Hadley Music which is owned by her record label Hadley Music Group. Publisher Kathy Anderson says, “Writing as a staff writer requires a certain discipline in the art of creating. Writers are obligated by the terms of their contract to reach a certain quota of songs each year. Donna is so prolific that she usually meets her quota by mid year and continues turning in songs right up to the end of her contract year. She has co-writing appointments booked each week and is always working on songs at home on her own. Writing comes very naturally to her yet she continues to develop her craft by going about the business of writing in a very serious and disciplined way.” Donna Ulisse’s new CD ‚ÄòWhen I Look Back" is a 14 song collection of bluegrass songs she either wrote or co-wrote. As she said in a recent interview, "I found my true voice in a song dreamed up in my head!"