Does RollingStone know its Bluegrass?

Does RollingStone know its bluegrass?Does RollingStone know its bluegrass? Take a few minutes to read this article, recently published on the magazine’s website, and then answer in our poll.

Here’s the introduction.

It’s been more than 60 years since Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass, unleashed the genre on the world with his Kentucky band the Blue Grass Boys. But a new crop of acts are paying tribute to the style, updating the old-time-and-country-music hybrid with contemporary rock and pop styles. Below are five acts to watch with commentary from bluegrass legends Del McCoury and Sam Bush:

The article, titled The New Bluegrass: Five Acts to Watch, presents a short profile of five bands RollingStone thinks are the up and coming face of “new bluegrass,” whatever that means. The five bands are: O’Death, Avett Brothers, Uncle Earl, Those Darlins, and Old Crow Medicine Show.

I don’t think these are the bands I would have picked.

How about you? Do you think Rolling Stone knows what it’s talking about?