Just a note to say how much I appreciate the tone of those people who have chosen to disagree with my comments.  The fact that there is reasoned discussion going on here at “The B” enriches the experience of all of us. – Ted

  • cgroves2

    It’s not even a big deal to disagree on a topic like this either. I mean man, there is a lot people getting Ipods these days. I’m even thinking about getting one. It sounds like it would be pretty handy especially with how much Bluegrass music I listen to.

  • iPods rock. I love mine, wouldn’t go on a trip without it. I not only have all my music on there to listen to, but I’ve also become addicted to podcasts. There are so many, and very nichey ones at that. I have podcasts on my iPod about bluegrass, video editing, marketing, and sermons. It’s a great way to educate yourself when you have the time to listen to something. I learn a LOT from podcasts, and being able to download and then listen at my convenience is the best way to listen to “broadcasting” in my opinion.

  • I’m a big iPod/iTunes fan as well.

    I don’t follow as many podcasts as Brance, but love the ease and convenience of buying new music online.

    For example, as I was writing a post yesterday about Crooked Still, I realized that I had only heard samples from their new CD, and some live tracks, but never the full recording.

    In about 15 minutes time, I had purchased it from iTunes, downloaded it to my iPod, and was listening to the music via headphones while my lovely and most charming Kim was having a nap.

    When she woke, we went for a drive to see the last remnants of fall color here in the Blue Ridge, and listened again to their Shaken By A Low Sound CD in the car.

    Yes indeed… iPods rock!