Deering crows about Taylor Swift video

Deering Banjos is looking to make the most out of the fact that young country superstar Taylor Swift has been appearing with one of their Boston 6-String acoustic/electric banjos.

She played it on her new album and in the music video for the song, Mean (her current single), and during her performance of Mean on the 2011 Academy of Country Music Awards show in April. Taylor isn’t a grasser (that we know of), and it’s not a five string… but she did have it capoed at the 4th fret!

The largest manufacturer of banjos in the US, Deering has long looked beyond the bluegrass market, not only with their electric and acoustic/electric models, but also with their revival of the venerable Vega brand.

Four, five and six strings models are available through a network of dealers across the US and beyond.