Crossing the pond

Well, I’m heading out this morning for about two weeks in Poland. I don’t expect to have much in the way of Internet access, nor much of a chance to keep tabs on the bluegrass news, so I’ll have to leave you guys in John’s capable hands. I know that he has his plate full right now, so please be patient if posts on Bluegrass Today are a bit lighter than usual, or appear a little later in the day while I’m away.

My wife, Lauren, and I will be escorting the youth group from our church to Lwowek Slaski in Poland for a mission trip, and should be back on August 3.

If I see or hear any bluegrass while I’m there, I’ll fill you all in upon my return.

John adds: We’ll see how capable my hands may be when I try to convert and post this afternoon’s GrassCast. I have the training, but not the experience. This is clearly Brance’s milieu.