Clarification from Claire Lynch

Claire Lynch has asked us to post this clarification about her plans to pull back from touring following the 2016 season, which David Morris reported back in May.

Unfortunately, some confusion has emerged among fans and event producers about her proposed schedule. She shared this statement to clear up any misunderstandings.

Claire Lynch“Since May’s press release announcing my pull-back from the road, I’ve been touched by the many comments from fans and professionals who are wishing me well. Surprisingly, most are under the impression I’m not touring in 2016 and that is far from the truth! Until the conclusion of 2016, the fabulous Claire Lynch Band will be out there in full tilt – toting a new album and enjoying its place in the grand scheme of this musical landscape.

We also find that people have heard I’m retiring. On the contrary, I have every intention of expanding my musical endeavors ‘post-CLB.’ For a while at least, they may not include maintaining a full-time band year-round. But that will only afford me the opportunity to broaden my creative reach by making room for songwriting and other new projects. So thanks for passing the word on if the opportunity avails itself. I’d hate for people to think I’m just ‘going away’ – I’m not!

So I’ll see you soon…”

Like the song says, somewhat paraphrased, “how can we miss her is she doesn’t go away.” And she won’t. So there!

Great news for all Claire Lynch fans.

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