Cherryholmes dancing.

I really enjoyed the performances of Cherryholmes at Merlefest and Hiawassee, but wish their dancing was a traditional as their music. I don’t get what Irish step dancing has to do with clogging, other than clogging came down from it, among other dancing styles. Maybe that was all there was available to learn in California? I know it is hard to convert from an “up” style of dance to a “down” style. I was not successful at it. It can be done. Check out Ira Bernstein. That dude can dance any kind of dance on the planet, esp. clogging.

Anyway, maybe they could leave out the dancing when they are performing in places that actually know what clogging is, or dance to a fiddle tune jig and explain why they dance that way. Looking forward to seeing them again at Red, White, and Bluegrass and the Mountain State Fair.