• Bluegrass overcomes rain and Covid in Czechia

    Grand finale with Marian at Mohelnický FolkFest in Czechia - photo by Matt Scutchfield This review of the Mohelnický FolkFest in Mohelnice, Czechia is a contribution from Matt Scutchfield, a music vlogger, journalist, graduate of Berklee College of Music, and current associate concert

  • Cold Rain and Snow – Jared Rabin

    Jared Rabin's connection to music started early in life, at age five specifically. His initial influences were weaned from his granddad, a first chair violinist for the Chicago Symphony. However, his interest quickly accelerated, leading him to become not only

  • 4.0 – The Farm Hands

    Since first forming eleven years ago, The Farm Hands have garnered considerable recognition for their tasteful blend of bluegrass and Gospel music. Although the group started its journey as a quartet, they have recently expanded to five members, ultimately allowing

  • 2021 Blissfield Bluegrass on the River report

    The tenth Blissfield Bluegrass on the River took place on Saturday, August 14. A wonderful crowd enjoyed fantastic weather and even better music. The festival takes place in Blissfield, Michigan at the Bachmeyer Park on the banks of the River

  • Suburban Cowboy – My Brother’s Keeper

    If the name of the band seems to indicate an inclination towards spiritual suggestion, it's probably no accident. My Brother's Keeper share songs that seem to aim for a higher meaning while also keeping bound to humble circumstance. A five

  • The Battlefield Bluegrass Festival is back

    The pandemic has had and is still having a considerable effect on people’s lives and lifestyle with many performance arts, including bluegrass music, severely restricted with no audiences for well over a year.  As the impact of COVID-19 appears to be