• On Banjo – Alison Brown

    Instrumental albums, even by artists that are very well known, can be a precarious proposition. Most of the time, fans and followers want the benefit of vocals and something that suggests either a catchy tune or a substantive song. Consequently,

  • Great Blue North – Special Consensus

    Since Greg Cahill co-founded Special Consensus with Marc Edelstein in 1975, the band has covered a lot of ground in their forty eight years of music making. With twenty one albums to their credit, several of Special C's more recent

  • Here Within My Heart – Tina Adair

    Tina Adair is beloved by bluegrass fans for her powerful and emotional vocals. Since the release of her self-titled debut on Engelhardt Music Group in 2021, Adair has completely shifted her focus to refining her identity as a solo artist.

  • MerleFest 2023 report

    Laura Orshaw, Julian Pinneli, Rob McCoury, and Jason Carter at MerleFest - photo © Gina Proulx I been thinking a lot about the 100th birthday anniversary of the late great Doc Watson. 100 years is certainly a long time. I looked

  • One Step Away – Casey Penn

    "Now I'm chasing rainbows all the time," Casey Penn sings on the song aptly titled Chasing Rainbows, sharing the gratitude and inspiration she feels when it comes to making music. Having successfully taken part in any number of competitive gatherings

  • Hold Back The Dawn – Anthony Howell

    Most audiences know Anthony Howell for his work as a sideman, playing banjo for groups such as Williamson Branch and the Edgar Loudermilk Band. His latest solo release, Hold Back The Dawn, spotlights Howell's aptitude on all of the bluegrass instruments, as