• Hold Back The Dawn – Anthony Howell

    Most audiences know Anthony Howell for his work as a sideman, playing banjo for groups such as Williamson Branch and the Edgar Loudermilk Band. His latest solo release, Hold Back The Dawn, spotlights Howell's aptitude on all of the bluegrass instruments, as

  • OK To Wonder – Arkansauce

    Their clever handle notwithstanding, Arkansauce clearly revels in their roots. Yet while their tones and tunings might find a fit with any back porch gathering, be it in Arkansas or the Ozarks, the music sounds both classic and contemporary at

  • Big Lick 2023 festival begins

    Big Lick Bluegrass Festival officially launches the outdoor festival season in central North Carolina. In its 19th year, the three-day event began with an open mic on Thursday evening. Bands that took the stage included Radio Flyer, River Ridge, and

  • Self-titled – Mighty Poplar

    Throughout the course of bluegrass history, there have been different all-star configurations consisting of top flight players who came together to pay homage to their respective heroes. The 1980s brought us the Bluegrass Album Band. Other prominent groupings such as

  • Banjo V-I – Dave Richardson

    This review of V-I is a contribution from Kevin Slick. Colorado banjo master Dave Richardson has a new album entitled Banjo V-I, subtitled "acoustic artists interact with virtual instruments." Richardson combines these virtual and acoustic instruments seamlessly, playing banjo, guitar, mandolin, and

  • Banjophonics – Damien O’Kane & Ron Block

    Forget all those jokes that take aim at banjo players. As Damien O'Kane and Ron Block proudly proclaim on the inside sleeve of their new joint venture, appropriately titled Banjophonics, "Ain't no thang, like a banjo strang." Banjophonics drives that point