• Willow Oak Bluegrass Festival is in full swing

    The Kody Norris Show at the Willow Oak Bluegrass Festival (6/16/22) - photo by Gary Hatley Willow Oak Bluegrass Festival in Roxboro, NC, is successfully in full swing despite overcoming numerous hurdles. Promoter, Mike Wilson, suffered a heart attack and underwent

  • Timeless – Magnolia Drive

    Magnolia Drive has been entertaining audiences around the Southeast and Midwest for over ten years. Their sophomore release, Timeless, from Mountain Fever Records, demonstrates the traditional, yet slightly contemporary sound the band has become recognized for. This Mississippi-based group consists of the same

  • Calling You From My Mountain – Peter Rowan

    Borne from previous years flush with uncertainty and strife, Peter Rowan's remarkable new album, Calling You From My Mountain, on Rebel Records, finds the legendary bluegrass standard-bearer and erstwhile musical pioneer touching on topics that deal pointedly with today's troubling circumstances.

  • A Tale To Tell – Rick Lang

    New England-based songwriter Rick Lang makes it clear he finds it hard to resist sharing a good story, and indeed, as indicated on his new Dark Shadow Recording album, A Tale To Tell, he's clearly proficient when it comes to

  • Extrovert – Mr. Sun

    Mr. Sun is a band whose music could best be described as a potpourri. The quartet consisting of fiddler Darol Anger, mandolinist Joe K. Walsh, guitarist Grant Gordy, and bassist Aidan O’Donnell, presents a mixture of everything from jazz, bluegrass,

  • Solitary Diamond – Laura Orshaw

    There's not much about the fiddle that Laura Orshaw doesn't have an absolute command of, and she demonstrates that to great effect on her new solo effort from Dark Shadow Recording, Solitary Diamond. Arguably one of today's top traditionalists on