• Tim May & Steve Smith

    Musicians often come together in unique (and sometimes unexpected) pairings, creating sounds that none of the individuals involved may have made on their own. When New Mexico-based mandolin player Steve Smith met Nashville session musician Tim May at Camp Bluegrass

  • Friday at Grey Fox 2016

    Friday of Grey Fox 2016 was jam packed full of a wide variety of traditional and progressive bluegrass and related musics, legends, and new faces and sounds. Whether one wanted to see names that they had known and followed for

  • Beautiful Ashes – John Bowman

    John Bowman has performed with a who’s who of bluegrass groups over the past several decades, from his beginnings with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver in the early 1990s to his most recent tenure as a founding member of The Boxcars.

  • Thursday at Grey Fox 2016

    Another great year at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival just concluded this past weekend. It is definitely a family reunion for many people who come from all over the country to see old friends, make new ones, learn some new ideas

  • Ben Eldridge goes out on top

    If you get a chance to script your own farewell, it might look a lot like Saturday night, when Ben Eldridge made one last appearance with the Seldom Scene, the iconic Washington, DC-area band that he helped found nearly 45

  • Storyman – Sam Bush

    Sam Bush didn't feel like he had been avoiding the recording studio when he realized that it had been almost seven years since he had a new album out. Speaking with him yesterday about his latest release, Storyman, he laughed

  • Harlan Road – NewTown

    NewTown, the band project for husband-and-wife grassers Katie Penn and Jr. Williams, have scored again with their new Mountain Home project, Harlan Road. These two make a perfect musical team. Kati sings with a smooth, agile voice while Jr.'s voice is more gruff

  • Burden Bearer – Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

    Anthropologists believe that complex language skills are what has enabled humans to share information across generations, building a vast database of knowledge stored in the culture of different peoples. Countless studies of human behavior have shown that adding melody to words

  • Power Pins 2.0

    Generally speaking, there are two different camps when it comes to instrument modification: those who wish to remain true to time honored traditions and the way things were done in years past, and those who seek new ways of improving