• Taproot – Three Tall Pines

    As long as there has been bluegrass music, musicians have been reinventing older songs. With their latest release, Taproot, Massachusetts-based quartet Three Tall Pines offers their takes on instantly-recognizable classics made famous by Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers, and other

  • Through It All – The Harper Family

    Bluegrass music is often seen as a family-friendly genre, with many festivals and other venues making sure to cater to fans of all ages. However, it’s not always true that older fans and musicians can get their children interested in

  • Cardboard In Her Shoes – Dave Yates

    Dave Yates' 4-song EP, Cardboard In Her Shoes, has got East Tennessee written all over it. Of course Yates himself is on the faculty in the East Tennessee State University's bluegrass music program, and has plied his trade as a singer, songwriter

  • Ash Breeze – Ash Breeze

    Fans of the up-and-coming North Carolina-based Smith Family Band may have been wondering why they haven’t heard anything from the group in the past several months. They shouldn’t worry – the band is still going strong, just under a new

  • Going Nowhere Fast – Detour

    Detour really shook up the bluegrass world in 2012 with the release of A Better Place, the Michigan band's third album. It was remarkable for the introduction of a new voice and sound in the person of Missy Armstrong, the

  • Lonesomeville – Rich in Tradition

    It’s not uncommon for bluegrass bands to claim an association with tradition. Some are based in it, some are influenced by it, some have built upon it, while others seem to have completely forgotten about it. One Mt. Airy, NC-area

  • The Day We Learn to Fly – Volume Five

    Volume Five has been releasing some of the best new modern traditional bluegrass around for the past several years. Their most recent project, 2013’s Run, had several songs appear on the Bluegrass Today charts, including lead single Rich Man’s Daughter,

  • Seldom Scene…Long Time

    Until the rich history of the Seldom Scene is laid down in book form, the band’s newest CD, Long Time…Seldom Scene will serve as a terrific Cliff’s Notes version of the story and music. Long Time, released today by Smithsonian Folkways,