• Frank Solivan Cooks Up a Good One

    Frank Solivan just keeps getting better, as a songwriter, arranger, singer and, not the least, instrumentalist. Recent years have seen a string of solid recordings, IBMA nominations and awards, and growing recognition for Solivan and his band. His newest recording is,

  • Experienced – Larry Keel

    Few people can get away with describing their music as an “experience.” But then again, few words come close to actually describing the music of Larry Keel. To see Larry Keel perform is to have just that: a unique, singular

  • Fiddler Tim Smith & Friends – Volume 2

    North Carolina fiddler Tim Smith is back with a second album under the title, Fiddler Tim Smith & Friends - Volume 2. Like its namesake, this record combines Smith's clever original instrumentals with popular standards and a couple of Gospel

  • Joe Val Bluegrass 2016

    Once again the Boston Bluegrass Union has put on a great festival with top notch bands on stages, around 50 workshops offering folks chances to learn techniques, histories, and to interact in an intimate setting with great players. They also

  • Just Ten – Presley Barker

    When I see young children hailed as musical prodigies in the bluegrass world, I usually wonder if their early technical skill will translate into a true superstar career, with not just the knowledge to arrange notes in a complicated manner,

  • Mountain Faith at SPBGMA ’16

    We had the chance to catch a set from Mountain Faith in their new stage configuration this past weekend at SPBGMA. It was a fast-paced, high-energy show that ran through a combination of the songs from their various albums, the grassified