Self titled – Bobby & Teddi Cyrus

Bobby & Teddi Cyrus can claim a genuine connection, not only to each other, but to their families and faith as well. Both grew up in households that were immersed in music and, thankfully, it was that upbringing that brought a decided determination to pursuing their own musical mantra as well.

The duo’s debut shows just how deep that devotion runs, plied by songs of spiritual sanctity and absolute conviction. Their belief in a higher power fuels practically every song in this set, bringing a sweetness and serenity that echoes through every note and nuance. Bobby Cyrus wrote all the songs save one — the opener, My Wedding Day, is the sole exception — and that alone provides the clear consistency throughout. Teddi’s vocals ring with a clarity that enhances the affirmation inherent in each entry, while providing the gentle tones that illuminates the set overall. Mama’s Song, I Pray and Peachin’, Prayin’, Soul Savin Man are among the many examples. Bobby’s turns at the mic are equally emphatic, as evidenced by Roll That Rock and Big Ole Train, two of the more upbeat tracks the album has to offer. Needless to say, their harmonies ring as well.

Credit also goes to an all-star cast of support players, among them bassists Mark Fain and Dave Roe, fiddler Eamon McLaughlin, Scott Vestal on banjo, guitarist Kenny Smith, multi-instrumentalist Justin Moses and Don Rigsby on mandolin, and Ronnie Bowman and Garnet Bowman on backing vocals. Mostly though, it’s sheer sentiment that fuels this effort courtesy of its power and passion. It’s an excellent example of the symmetry found between Gospel and bluegrass, as well as the fervor and finesse that drives it so decidedly.

Faith has a way of inspiring one’s musical mantra and in this case, it’s resulted in a debut album that’s every bit as moving and meaningful as the sentiments from which the music was spawned. Given a world mired in dread and despair, give credit to this couple for shining a little light as well.

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