Carrie Hassler: Pick 2 Giveaway

Yesterday saw the release of the sophomore recording from Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain. The CD is simply titled CHHR2.

Produced by Jim VanCleve of Mountain Heart, this new CD is an impressive outing for this young band. We have a review of the CD coming soon, but for now we wanted to let you know of it, and tell you about an exciting promotion we’re running in conjunction with its release.

I’ve embedded a player to the right that will let you preview the entire CD.

To commemorate this release, of the band’s second CD, we’re giving away two prize packages, each containing the following items.

Prize Packages Include:

  • 2 Tickets to a festival where Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain will perform.

The winners will be able to watch Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain perform their favorites songs and have a special meet and greet with Carrie and the band. The concert dates available are:

Each winner will also recieve:

  • 2 Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain Shirts (Shirts will be shipped to the winner in 3 weeks)
  • 1 Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain Hat ( Hat will be shipped to the winner in 3 weeks )
  • 1 Box of Moon Pies
  • 2 CD’s signed by Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain (1 each of Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain – RHY-1028, and Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain – CHHR2 – RHY-1037)

UPDATE (08.07.2008 2:10PM EST): The promotion has ended.