Brevard Music Festival

The Brevard Music Festival took place on Saturday, September 16. Thanks to the hard work of Steep Canyon Ranger Woody Flatt and a good number of sponsors including WNCW, it appeared to go off without a hitch. We had really great weather for this event and there was well over 2000 in attendance. The festival started off with the Biscuit Burners, followed by the Steep Canyon Rangers and IIIrd Tyme out. Each group did two hour long sets. The music was outstanding. If you’ve never seen any of these bands perform live, your missing out. Good food, great weather and fantastic music was the order of the day. The real treat was saved for last. David Holt, a local musician, historian and professor at Warren Wilson College, led Doc Watson out and did a hour long set with Doc. Then Doc did a number of songs and stories and then was joined by his grandson, Richard. Then, the three of them did a couple songs.

 If this festival is any indication, I expect that this will become a annual affair. What better way to showcase the talent that the Western part of North Carolina puts out year after year.

  • I found a link from the Citizen Times in Asheville about this fest.

    It includes an interview with Woody Platt that was published last Friday before the event started.

  • The event was a really big success. By all accounts I have, everyone had a fantastic time and I just got some very nice backstage photos that show a wonderful Bluegrass gathering. Thanks to all who came by the WNCW tent and a special thanks to John Felty and Woody Platt for all their hard work in putting on a flawless first time effort. I see this as becoming a festival destination for years to come.

    Dennis Jones WNCW-FM