Bluegrass with an orchestra in Paris

G.Apap et L'orchestre Padeloup + guests

It’s always fun to see how bluegrass musicians find their way into other realms of musical performance, showcasing the unique skills they’ve honed in bluegrass to a completely new audience. So we were pleased to read about a collaboration between a couple bluegrass musicians and a classical violinist, leading to a performance with an orchestra in Paris later this month.

Thierry Lecocq, Jean-Marie Redon, and Sharon Lombardi will be performing with violinist Gilles Apap and the Pasdeloup Orchestra at the Théatre du Châtelet in Paris, on 29 January, 2011. The Pasdeloup Orchestra is the oldest symphony orchestra in France, and the concert is a celebration of their 150th year.

The three are bandmates in the French bluegrass band, Blue Railroad Train.