“Bluegrass is My Second Language…”a new book out by John Santa

Hi I’m Mandolinegirl50. I read a book a few months ago called “Bluegrass is My Second Language, a Year in the Life of an Accidental Bluegrass Musician” by John Santa ever heard if it?Well, it is UNIQUE!! I don’t think I have ever felt while reading the author was sitting in the living room with me telling the story of just how it happen. But that’s how my Mom described it when she read the book after me. That is a pretty good description of how you feel as John paints a picture of the music with Words. Some of his descriptions are so vivid you can smell the people as your laughing out loud at all these musicians crammed into a little room backstage trying to tune their sensitive instruments and being way out of tune while the fiddle player is plucking an “A” to help them out and they finally get it and start tuning to him. The “Teachers” and there are plenty because it is a heartfelt story of people and places that come alive with MUSIC, and if we are paying attention we can learn a lot from some incredibly simple lessons in life. I am so sure there are lots of real people in this world that are so similar to the people John has written about. That along with finding them i have found so many others that stand along side of them in the pure Love of music and the talent inside them not famous but their music comes directly from the heart as they play out a song or sing. It is a pure blessing. It is so wonderful to find this world of loving people who surround you with encouragement. So, you may want to look into it and the neighborly tradition of this book and all of the people in it. You can find it on the web use the title “Bluegrass is My Second Language..”and find some better reviews than i could give. But as a testimonial I’m Finding jams just about every night of the week and trying to give back to the music all of the enjoyment it has given me. Hope this is Ok and you can find the book and the MUSIC that is in you too!