Bluegrass is Alive in Ontario

The Thames Valley Bluegrass Association is at it again setting milestones for Bluegrass Clubs in Ontario. The TVBA will on May 3 next month, be introducing Rhonda Vincent to London Ontario for the first time ever. The bold move supported by the seven member executive follows the first endeavour when they brought Cherryholmes to Ontario in 2005. The TVBA efforts introduced the IBMA Bluegrass in the Schools Program to over 400 entry level schools in Ontario so far. It is the clubs hope to see even more schools get the "Discover Bluegrass” roots music DVD. Where better to start teaching about bluegrass music than with the children of today, the pickers of tomorrow. Are you ready for this? One giant step for Bluegrass in
Southern Ontario is about to unfold. The TVBA will on July 3,4,5, 2009 be initiating the first ever "SALLY CREEK MUSIC FESTIVAL". It will be held at Woodstock on the grounds of the Great Canadian Outdoor Park

The new very large venue is a premier location and can accommodate almost any number of people. The entertainment lineup will boast the festival to be the best ever to hit Ontario in some years. As the former Back 40 Bluegrass Festival promoter I am excited to say the least at the TVBA project. The Country Gentlemen, Grasstowne, Lonesome River Band,

Three Fox Drive, Nothing Fancy, Spanky Moore, The Northern Sons, Foxtail, The Foggy Hogtown Boys, Gid-R-Done and several more bands to be announced will be headlining the event. The TVBA will be posting the event as soon as all the bands and details are finalized on our web site at and also on the festival site at The Sally Creek will be presented as a family event. It will have workshops for banjo, guitar, mandolin, dobro, bass, fiddle, and vocals, by some of our very talented entertainers in the lineup. We are still working on a lot of ideas to make the festival a tremendously entertaining and tiring weekend of playing, jamming and listening to Bluegrass Music. One that takes a whole week to get over and one you’ll never forget. Tickets and campsite reservations will be available some time in July of 2008 or sooner just keep checking the web sites. BMACC the Bluegrass Music Association of Central Canada, is starting a whole new season and we have some great ideas and goals for the association. I can type all day but the best thing for the readers to do is to direct you to our web site. You can check out our past news letters and find all kinds of great Canadian Bluegrass informmation there.

Yours in Bluegrass, Wayne Uncer