Bluegrass in Hartford, CT-The Firebox Restaurant

I want to thank all the folks/bands who have contacting me about playing our new venue in Hartford, Ct.  If you missed my earlier posts here, The Firebox Restaurant contacted me about a Sunday night bluegrass series.  It started eight weeks ago and now has grown to standing room only!  We have had many guests show up and play, and bands are contacting me all the time about some playing time.  We have a really enthusiastic fan base and many regulars!

I want to thank a few folks who have recently been here, including; Chris Brashear, Pete Kelly, Dick Bowden & The Little Country Show, HOE, Tony Watt, Casey Henry, Martin Hollis, Terry McGill, and many more!   C’mon back soon!

Hartford was a great place for bands traveling north, or south…stopping in and getting one more show in, in years past.  Now we have a chance to get that going again and we are all excited about the success we are having!

Sunday nights from 5:00-8:30 PM  I am always looking to fill dates…’cuz I just can’t do it every week! <g>

Contact me to get on a mailing list, or to book a date and we’ll talk about the perks.  Yes, perks!