My name is Joy Ray I am a police officer for the Town of Steele, in Gadsden Alabama. I am responsible for the seniors in our community. Last year I did a bluegrass festival at Horse Pens 40 to benefit the program for Seniors. What I do is buy them Christmas gifts and have a Christmas dinner for them along with the whole community each December. I have been paying for this myself, but last year Horse Pens 40 offered their place for a benefit to make money for the program. I gave a bluegrass Festival and we made 1500. So at the dinner i gave out certificates that paid some of there water, gas, and power bills. I take up blankets in winter and fans for summer. I also help with their Rx. I was wondering if there was anyone willing to come to this for this year? Most of the groups I had last year was paid a small amount, because it was a benefit. It is set for the 2nd weekend in October for now. I have tried to make sure no other festival was going on, at this time and this seems to be the best date. Please advise or let me know of someone who would be willing to come play. Keep in mind with this being a benefit we depend on donations to keep the program going and they all seem to love bluegrass. Seeing the ones who are sick have a good day will make anyone happy. Or if you would like to sponsor us that would be great too.

Joy Ray

205-965-2819 or Town Hall 256-538-8145 or email @