Banjos fail to prevent gun theft

Here is a story of personal loss shared by Robin Cleavenger, and thus not funny at all. But still…

“My father is a banjo player in north central West Virginia. Like many musicians (and banjo players especially), he has a number of instruments. He is also an avid hunter and has (had) a decent gun collection — until last week.

On November 23, thieves broke into my dad’s house. They carted away almost every gun in the house — but DIDN’T TAKE ANY OF THE INSTRUMENTS! In fact, they even moved several instrument cases out of the way so they could access the gun racks on the wall. (I’m sure this is a banjo joke just waiting to happen!)”

Robin is a bluegrass musician and attorney living in Knoxville, TN. She studied in the ETSU bluegrass music program while obtaining her degree in public relations, and performed with their Pride band on bass.

In addition to requesting help reuniting her dad with his firearms collection, Robin shares some sage advice that many of us only take to heart after it is too late.

“Although my dad is glad that all of his stringed possessions are safe, he is still devastated over the loss of his guns (one of which was owned by my great-grandfather and passed down through the family).

I would like to remind everyone to make sure that they have adequate insurance to cover special personal property, such as instruments and firearms. (Often this requires a rider or even a separate policy, depending on whether you make money playing the instruments.) Also, set aside an hour (or a few) to take pictures of all valuable possessions and record model numbers, serial numbers, and notes about any interesting features. This information will be invaluable if you are ever the victim of a robbery. Unfortunately, this is the time of year for burglaries and thefts, so take the time during this busy holiday season to make sure that your family is insured and protected.”

Robin will be happy to send a list of the stolen items (with serial numbers) to anyone who contacts her by email.

All he wants for Christmas is his stolen guns…

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