• Hey Man drops from Danny Barnes

    Danny Barnes, the unbridled and eclectic west coast banjo man, has a new album on the way. Like most of his recorded work, Man On Fire, features Barnes' highly original music, and takes his banjo and vocal escapades far beyond

  • Alan Bibey & Grasstowne to Billy Blue Records

    Billy Blue Records in Nashville has announced the signing of Alan Bibey & Grasstowne to the label. Bibey met with principals Jerry Salley and Ed Leonard during SPBGMA weekend, and toured the Billy Blue facilities, coming away with a confident belief

  • Modern Mandolin Workshop launches in November

    Round Window Institute, the non-profit outfit that produces the Banjo Summit in Colorado, has announced a new venture launching later this year. Modern Mandolin Workshop will run from November 5-7 at the Music District in Fort Collins, CO. Faculty will include

  • The Grascals push with Straighten The Curves

    Mountain Home Music Company has released the title track of their latest album for The Grascals as the new focus track to bluegrass radio. Straighten The Curves is a hard-driving, fast-moving grasser from Canadian songwriter Chris Coole, sung by Grascal John

  • Sailor’s Regret from Larry Cordle

    Larry Cordle has a new single out to radio today, a seafaring song written by his old pal and fellow singer/songwriter, Johnny Williams. It's called Sailor's Regret, and tells the story of a mariner who fears he'll never see his home

  • Josh Greene to King James Boys

    South Carolina's King James Boys have announced a new member of their band. Josh Greene has joined the group on fiddle, and performed with the Boys for the first time last weekend at SPBGMA. Greene comes Monroe, NC but lives now