• The return of Hee Haw to network TV?

    Four or five decades ago, bluegrass and country music could be found on television almost every night of the week. From Flatt and Scruggs’ Ballad of Jed Clampett to country music stars caught in Boss Hogg’s speed traps on The

  • Go see J.D. Crowe’s Banger at IBMM

    One of the most famous instruments in the history of bluegrass music is, arguably, the “Banger,” the 1929 Gibson Mastertone played by J.D Crowe on everything from classic Jimmy Martin numbers to the seminal Rounder 0044. A quick Google search

  • Hanging Tree – Blue Mafia

    A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to catch the last few songs of a Blue Mafia show at the Down Home in Johnson City, TN. Though I’d heard the band on the radio plenty of times (their 2015

  • Feels Like Home – Mary Beth Cross

    In today’s music world, where the boundaries between genres are ever blurrier, many artists choose to step outside of their musical comfort zone and record an album in a different style. Sometimes they take a huge leap – Steven Tyler,

  • Tyler Collins all healed up

    In November 2016 we reported that the boys in the Darrell Webb Band had experienced a serious auto crash in route to a number of performances in Florida. Unfortunately, the accident left reso player Tyler Collins hospitalized in Jacksonville for

  • Earth & Wood – Tyler Grant

    Guitarist Tyler Grant, a National Flatpicking Champion and winner of the RockyGrass and Wayne Henderson guitar contests, among others, has spent much of his career in the jam band realm, playing with Drew Emmitt and Bill Nershi of Leftover Salmon