• Chapman Video – photos released

    The Chapmans recently filmed a new music video for their tune Bubble Gum Baby, and they've released some behind the scenes photos on their Facebook page. Bubble Gum Baby is track 5 from their newest CD Grown up (A Revisionist History).

  • Winfield Winners 2009

    The Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas is now over, along with the national level competitions so closely associated with the festival. The winners of the contests have been announced via email, but are not currently featured on the festival website.

  • Buddy Merriam: Back Roads Mandolin

    Mandolin player Buddy Merriam has recently released a new solo CD containing 14 of his traditionally styled, original mandolin compositions. Buddy is a special jewel within the bluegrass firmament. Not only is he a traditionalist at heart, but also an innovator.

  • Jim Van Cleve DVD Trailer

    AcuTab is soon to release a new instructional DVD from Mountain Heart fiddler, Jim Van Cleve. The product is actually a two disc set, featuring over 4 hours of instruction from Jim. Disc 1 contains a good deal of instruction in

  • Patrick Costello regains hearing

    We've written about Patrick Costello before on Bluegrass Today. He has written several instructional books, and developed a system of braille tab for the visually impaired who wish to learn the banjo. The man has spent most of his life helping

  • David Grier: Evocative

    David Grier has been a hero of mine as long as I've been playing guitar. I spent many hours attempting to learn Eye of the Hurricane. So I was excited to hear his newest CD Evocative. David had been talking about

  • 2009 Bluegrass Blog Awards

    It's official! OK, not really. But our 2009 Bluegrass Blog Awards Poll is officially open. Bluegrass Today Awards Poll is completely unofficial, and is not affiliated with IBMA or their official balloting process in any way. It's just for grins, but we've

  • Death of the Music Industry?

    Just in case you missed it, Op-Ed columnist Charles M. Blow wrote a piece in the New York Times about a month ago, indicating that the music industry has about 10 years of life left in it, before it is

  • My Own Set Of Rules

    I suppose by this point that Lou Reid has enough street cred in the bluegrass world to write his own set of rules. This new recording doesn't really rewrite any rules though. It's more a matter of Lou recording the

  • Bluegrass on TV this weekend

    Song of the Mountains is broadcasting some good bluegrass this weekend on public television stations. This weekend's episode features both Dale Ann Bradley and The Circuit Riders. At the time of taping, Dale Ann had Gena Britt Tew on banjo, Jeremy