Chapman Video – photos released

The Chapmans recently filmed a new music video for their tune Bubble Gum Baby, and they’ve released some behind the scenes photos on their Facebook page.

Bubble Gum Baby is track 5 from their newest CD Grown up (A Revisionist History). From the look of the photos, it looks as though the video will share some elements with the CD cover design.

Grown Up (A Revisionist History)

Video shoot for Bubble Gum Baby

The photo gallery on the band’s facebook page includes 17 photos. Some give you an idea of what the video should look like, others give you a behind the scenes look at the technical aspects of making the video, and still others show you what’s really happening at these video shoots! Take, for instance, this photo.

The littlest Chapman takes a breakIf you would like to see the rest of the photos from the video shoot, just visit The Chapman’s on Facebook.

We’ll be sure to bring you news of the video once it’s released.