• IBMA Red Carpet #3

    This is the third in our series of 2009 Red Carpet videos. These were filmed immediately prior to the IBMA Award Show. This one features Katy Daley interviewing Jason Burleson of Blue Highway. http://media.libsyn.com/media/thegrasscast/jason_burleson.flv

  • IBMA Red Carpet #1

    Here's the first of our Red Carpet videos from IBMA 2009. It's only the first of many to come over the next few days. This one features Katy Daley interviewing Rachel Renee Johnson of the Dixie Bee-liners. http://media.libsyn.com/media/thegrasscast/dixie_bee-liners.flv

  • Sam Bush Interview

    While at IBMA last week, we were able to get a few minutes to sit down with Sugar Hill recording artist Sam Bush. Our good friend Doug McKelway conducted the interview. He and Sam spoke at length about Sam's new CD, Circles

  • Email This Post

    Our work on the new site design continues. I just became aware that the "Email This Post" feature was not working properly. It has now been fixed and emails are sending as they should be. Many apologies to those who have attempted

  • IBMA 2009 Awards Show

    Here's the archive for our live blog from the Awards Show last night. We've reversed the order so you can start reading at the top and follow the show to the end. 7:27 PM: - Just a couple minutes till show

  • IBMA 2009: Special Awards

    John and I have already had a busy day. We attended the Special Awards Luncheon, interviewed Sam Bush, and were interviewed by Katy Daley. At the Special Awards Luncheon we had the distinct pleasure of sharing a table with Rodney Dillard,

  • IBMA 2009: Mountain Heart

    Here's the video we've been telling you about from the Mountain Heart showcase the other night. Like John said, they're intentionally showcasing what they're doing that isn't straight up bluegrass. What do you think? http://media.libsyn.com/media/thegrasscast/mountain_heart.flv

  • IBMA: Tuesday night

    Just a quick update to say there is a ton of great bluegrass music being played this year. I saw three bands last night, all excellent. First, John and I were able to catch a Mountain Heart show. The band performed

  • IBMA 2009 Video Interview: Del McCoury

    Yesterday, soon after arrival here at IBMA, John and I were able to spend a few moments with Del McCoury to discuss a soon to be released CD. John asked the questions, Del did most of the talking, and I was

  • Bluegrass Blog 2.0

    After more than 4 years operating Bluegrass Today, we have made our first major overhaul to the site layout and the database architecture. Tweaks are still being made, but we think that our loyal readers will find the experience of