• The Elliott Elite Capo

    At IBMA this year I had the pleasure of spending some time visiting with Phil Elliott of Elliott Capos. As bluegrass conversations go, we talked about music, family, and church. One particular aspect of a conversation with Phil is that

  • Robert Yonke Provides Artwork for Delfest 2010

    We've been telling you about the works of art created by bluegrass painter Robert Yonke for a couple years now. He's painted some fantastic bluegrass scenes in the past, including the artwork for the 2008 IBMA World of Bluegrass. We've just

  • Copyright Time Bomb

    Wired magazine's Epicenter blog recently ran a story about an impending time bomb written into the Copyright Act of 1976. Their explanation of the legislation is that copyrights for sound recordings are soon going to be up for grabs. If an artist

  • Wichita Rutherford and Ricky Skaggs

    Our buddy Wichita Rutherford is perceived by many as a funny man, and rightly so. But the truth is, he takes at least one thing seriously, bluegrass music! He has a lot of fun for sure, but he truly respects

  • Charlie Haden Family & Friends Concert

    It was around this time last year that we were telling you about a new CD by renowned jazz bassist Charlie Haden. Rambling Boy marked Haden's return to his bluegrass/country roots. Soon after, Haden was performing on the Grand Ole Opry. On

  • Create a music video for Steve Martin

    Here's another tidbit concerning Steve Martin. If you've ever wanted to be a music video producer, now's your chance. Steve wants a music video for his tune Wally on the Run, so he's holding a contest. You can create your own

  • Red Carpet 2009: John McEuen

    Speaking of Steve Martin (see previous post), here's another in our series of 2009 Red Carpet videos. These were filmed immediately prior to the IBMA Award Show. This particular video features Doug McKelway interviewing John McEueun, who was instrumental in the production

  • Steve Martin to co-host Oscars

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that Steve Martin will co-host this year's (82nd) Academy Awards (otherwise known as the Oscars). Martin has been getting a lot of press recently for his banjo playing. He was involved

  • Learn to sing bluegrass harmony

    If you've ever wanted to sing bluegrass harmony and didn't know how to learn, or if you've been trying and need some help figuring out the parts, Stephen Mougin has come to your rescue. Stephen plays guitar and sings with Sam

  • Red Carpet 2009: Gibson Brothers

    Here's another in our series of 2009 Red Carpet videos. These were filmed immediately prior to the IBMA Award Show. This one features Katy Daley interviewing The Gibson Brothers, Eric and Leigh. http://media.libsyn.com/media/thegrasscast/gibson.flv