Bluegrass Blog 2.0

Bluegrass TodayAfter more than 4 years operating Bluegrass Today, we have made our first major overhaul to the site layout and the database architecture. Tweaks are still being made, but we think that our loyal readers will find the experience of reading, searching and perusing the site to be much faster and more streamlined.

But it’s just version 2.0! There will be many more new features added in the next few weeks.

Think of this as a working beta.

We welcome your comments and critiques.

  • StewartE

    Minor problem, your banner image doesn’t appear on Firefox, I just get a gray box next to the ‘bluegrass blog’ logo.

    A bigger problem from my perspective is the fixed header that causes part of the story I’m trying to read to disappear behind the logo when I scroll down. I really hate that behavior. (It’s worse when there isn’t even a picture, just a gray box, but I’d prefer it not behave that way at all.)

    The new site does feel a little quicker, so that’s a plus…

  • Ken_P

    Hate to say it, but I find the new design very frustrating. I’m reading on a very small monitor, and I feel like the header and side bar take up way too much space – the actual content that I come here to read takes up barely a quarter of the screen! The site is a little faster than the old one, but it’s still pretty sluggish, but I could live with that if I didn’t feel like the articles weren’t crammed into the lower left corner of the screen surrounded by a lot of blank space.