• Dirty Kitchen: studio journal #2

    Here's another update from our friends Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen. The guys are currently in Nashville and working hard a new recording. They've graciously decided to give us all a window into the process. They're sending along updates every

  • Randy Kohrs: Quicksand

    The new CD from Randy Kohrs landed in my inbox a couple weeks ago, but I just found the time to listen to it recently. What a treat I had been denying myself! Randy and team have hit it out of

  • Top 10 Bluegrass Albums of 2009

    It seems everyone has a list of their favorite albums from 2009. It was a good year for bluegrass recordings. PopMatters, which bills itself as "an international magazine of cultural criticism" published their top 10 list, and it's not bad.

  • Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen in the studio

    Frank Solivan II and his band, Dirty Kitchen, are in Nashville this week, recording a new CD at Brent Truitt's studio. From the sound of it, the guys are having a great time recording, and we're excited to hear the

  • Separated at birth – part 2

    Last month, we published a post called Separated at birth? which highlighted the similarities between a number of bluegrass stars and other celebrities. We received a number of suggestions from you, our readers, for other bluegrass/celebrity look-a-likes. We've finally tracked

  • New from John Jorgenson

    John Jorgenson is one of those musicians that other musicians love to hear. A multi-instrumentalist, it doesn't really matter what instrument he's playing, it's going to be worth hearing. Jorgenson is gearing up for a busy year in 2010. In recent

  • Pete Wernick to teach players fruit skills

    John and I have been in the studio all week filming a new AcuTab DVD designed to help you improve your jamming skills. Pete Wernick has essentially written the book on this topic and his name has come up several

  • The banjo as a deadly weapon

    We all knew it to be true. The banjo is a deadly weapon, especially in the wrong hands. Now the world knows. The Aspen Times is reporting that a Denver man visiting Aspen, CO, was charged with second-degree assault last week,

  • New performance royalty rates for 2010?

    2010 isn't shaping up to be a good year for radio. There's a lot of competition out there for listeners' ears. Satellite radio, iPods, iPhones...all have contributed to a drop in listeners for local radio stations. Add a struggling economy,