Are there such things as grants to fund bluegrass programs?

I am a PhD. student at the University of Alabama in Mass Communications. I am in a group that is trying to help our local Arts Council think of better ways to advertise this program they sponsor called Bluegrass, Big Bands and More. They have featured Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike and Highway, Chris Hillman, Herb Pederson, and Blue Highway, and more. They have a fabulous theater that they host this series in and great materials to market the series collectively, but have very little to advertise before each artist plays. Are there grants out there that could help to boost their efforts to raise awareness of these programs?

Alexa Chilcutt

  • Jon Weisberger

    Aside from the usual funding sources that might be available to an Arts Council, I don’t know of any off-hand. You might be better off looking for some local sponsors who might underwrite promotion in exchange for a banner, a mention in a program, etc.

  • Eagle5

    You should check out your state’s Commission on Tourism, however not knowing their requirements, I can’t give much more how-to information… My state requires that the requesting applicant be a non-profit organization with the appropriate federal designation (501-c3, etc) and that the funds be matched. The state may also have different cycles, check and find out when the next one begins. Then get on their mailing list ASAP!!!! The commission on tourism may also have a website where the applications can be filled out online… Part of the way to get the matching funds is to solicit businesses, reminding them that when the event takes place tourism dollars will come back to them and their pockets…

    Good luck