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Leah Sturgis - Vermeille with Freshwater Pearl "Fiddlehead" NecklaceFor all you delinquent bluegrass musicians out there who have yet to purchase your wife, or girlfriend, a Valentine’s Day gift, we’ve got a solution for you. Get her a piece of jewelry that has roots in bluegrass music.

DC based mando man Frank Solivan is married to a wonderfully creative, and helpful, jewelry artist. Her name is Leah Sturgis, and she creates some very attractive pieces, some of which are rooted in the music her husband plays. I recently purchased a necklace and earrings from her as an anniversary gift for my wife. She absolutely loves them, and gets lots of compliments on them when she wears them out.

The image included in this post is the necklace I bought. Its design implies the headstock and tuning pegs on a fiddle. Here’s a link to the most recent piece she added to her store. Be sure to visit to see photos of other pieces she’s created, and for more info.

I don’t know if there is still enough time to order and receive something in time for the 14th, so hurry!

Since we’re on the topic of Valentine’s Day and talking about Frank’s wife, it seems only appropriate to let you know that Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen are giving away 4 songs in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Feb 11th-14th we’ll be giving away music on our website. 4 of my songs will be available to download that relate to “love” in some way or another leading up to Valentines Day.

So be sure to go check out in the next few days and grab some free music while you’re waiting for your jewelry to arrive.