AmanaJam 2008

The Amana Colonies Golf Club will host the 2nd Annual AmanaJam February 21-24, 2008. AmanaJam is a wonderful weekend of bluegrass jamming designed to help both the intermediate and beginning jammers become more at ease in the jamming environment. The primary emphasis of AmanaJam is fun. Bring an instrument and expect to play. Rhythm, timing, chords, transitions, singing, jamming etiquette, practice techniques and stage presence will all be discussed.

Many Blue Grass Camps and Jam Camps have their guests say in old dorms and share bathrooms, but AmanaJam is different. The accommodations at AmanaJam are first class–everyone has a great bed, privacy is available, the food is fantastic, and you can stay up jamming all night long.

The professional staff members at AmanaJam are interested in helping all students become comfortable jamming. Group size will be limited and everyone will participate in each session. Featured instructors include Bob Black, Bill Cagley, Paul Roberts and Keith Yoder.

Visit for more information or to register. Pre-registration is required.