All’s well with Eddie Adcock and his implant

Earlier this month, we had reported that legendary banjo man, Eddie Adcock, had to interrupt his tour schedule owing to what he believed to be a malfunction with his brain implant, which was generating deep brain stimulation to overcome a nervous tremor which prevented him from playing.

Since it was installed back in 2008, Eddie had been able to return to playing the banjo following the development of the tremor, which caused his right hand to shake uncontrollably. But recently the tremor had begun to return, giving Eddie and his wife and musical partner, Martha, fear that the battery that had been implanted in his chest was running down, as had been predicted by the surgeons in ’08.

They cancelled a planned performance on February 17, and Eddie scheduled a return visit to his neurosurgeon in Nashville to see what was up. The results are back, and Martha reports that all is well. The battery was still almost fully charged, and the doctors found some new settings for the DBS device, and Adcock is able to play again!

It truly is remarkable to live in an age where a 78 year old man can be cured of a debilitating nervous system disorder with an electrical probe and a battery. Oh… and the genius of a medical team at Vanderbilt University.

Martha says that Eddie is doing well and looking forward to their Florida tour with Tom Gray next month.

Wonderful news!

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